Bring Your Dream Road Trip to Life

The prospect of loading up a van with only the bare essentials and venturing into the unknown can be daunting. Whether it be planning the trip itself, securing comfortable sleeping arrangements or figuring out how to cook meals without the comfort of a kitchen, the amount of preparation needed for a smooth and enjoyable outdoor experience is intimidating. 

But, it does not have to be. At Nomadic Escapes we do not stop at simply renting our top-of-the-line conversion vans, we aim to make our guests outdoor experience as seamless as possible. Through carefully curated itineraries tailored to every adventurers needs and amenity packed vans, we are simplifying the outdoor experience, making it accessible to everyone.

With comfortable beds available in every van, Nomadic Escapes offers our guests a comfortable alternative to the traditional rough sleeping pad. During extended trips we understand the importance of needing to reset and recharge for the following days activities. 

To prove our commitment to improving every aspect of the outdoor experience we go the extra mile to make your trip as comfortable as possible. We have included a stove or grill in every van in order to ensure that regardless of how far off the grid you find yourself, there is always an option for a home cooked meal. Our vans also have space that will act as a partial kitchen. They come equipped with counter space and sinks for all of your prep, cooking, and cleaning needs.  

All of these features are great but don’t help with arguably the most daunting all of all, planning your dream route. This is where our carefully curated itineraries come into play, which are meant to help you get everything that you possibly can out of your outdoor experience. From paragliding above the clouds to diving beneath the sea and every outdoor activity in-between, let us bring your dream road trip to life.


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