Vandemic Escape

Simply put, this trip has it all. The mountains, the coastline, and everything in-between. 
Suggested Timing

10-14 Days


This escape starts in the Alabama Hills of the Eastern Sierras. If you aren’t familiar, picture yourself waking up amongst stunning 200-million-year-old volcanic rock formations with the sun painting a breathtaking alpenglow over the 13,000-foot snowcapped peaks in the near distance. Yea- it’s pretty cool.


From here your adventure takes you to the land that needs no introduction, Yosemite National Park. There is a reason that the man himself, Abe Lincoln, put protections in place for this indescribable landscape way back in 1864.


After exploring the magic that is Yosemite, take what possibly is America’s most beautiful drive up to Lake Tahoe. Enjoy some hikes, beaches and a day out on the water. There is a never-ending supply of things to do and places to see here.


Now it’s time for the coast. Clues for your first stop are John Steinbeck and Big little lies. Yep- Monterey it is. Rejuvenate in one of the most relaxing and beautiful sea-side towns with amazing food and beautiful beaches. We suggest hitting the Carmel Farmers market to stock up on supplies before continuing on.


Next up is the only stretch of road that might be cooler than the stretch from Yosemite to Tahoe; the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. Explore the beaches and sleep above the clouds in maybe the most beautiful stretch of coastline in the world (only a little biased).


Finally, we end this unforgettable trip to the lovely Santa Barbara. Beaches, mountains, breweries, wineries, and basically everything else a person could want. Also, we spent 5 years living here so we got all of the good spots for you. 

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